Board Governance Ends

Policy Governance is a model of leadership that helps Board Members focus on governing, not managing a school district.

E-1:  Mega End

1. Students are productive citizens prepared to succeed in their choice of career, field of academic study and areas of interest.

Monitoring Method:           Internal Report
Monitoring Frequency:      Annually

E-2:  Academic Performance

2.  All programs will provide students the opportunity to meet or exceed New York learning standards in all seven areas. Furthermore, all students will be reading, writing, and computing proficiently at the conclusion of each grade.

Monitoring Method:          Internal Report
Monitoring Frequency:     Annually

E-3:   Balanced Lives

3.  Students will learn to lead a balanced life.

Students will:

3.1 Be effective communicators, able to read, write, speak, listen and respond using a variety of media for mutual understanding.
3.2 Maintain physical and emotional wellness.
3.3 Be able to secure and maintain employment.
3.4 Demonstrate a strong work ethic.
3.5 Demonstrate desirable social skills, including: Cooperation, Respect of self and others, and Good sportsmanship.
3.6 Demonstrate appreciation for the arts.
3.7 Embrace the concept of service.

Monitoring Method:          Internal Report
Monitoring Frequency:      Annually

E-4:     Self-Reliant Individuals

4. Students must learn to be independent, self-reliant individuals who successfully manage their own lives.

Students will:

4.1 Demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills.
4.2 Employ effective time management and study skills.
4.3 Possess a sense of self-worth and an appreciation for the worth of others.
4.4 Be able to adjust to new situations and accept change as an opportunity for growth.

Monitoring Method:          Internal Report
Monitoring Frequency:     Annually

E-5:   Infrastructure

5.   Improve and maintain the entire infrastructure of the school district.

5.1 Provide adequate resources to accommodate teaching and learning.
5.2 Monitor capital improvement plan.
5.3 Keep students safe, warm, and secure.

Monitoring Method:          Internal Report
Monitoring Frequency:     Annually

Adopted: 6-25-03
Revised:  8-11-04