Pamela Nakoski 
Pamela Nakoski3416 Taft Road 
Bloomfield, NY 14469 

Email: pnakoski@bloomfieldcsd.org 
Term Ends: 2022

Mrs. Nakoski's goals as a Bloomfield Board of Education member are to help provide Bloomfield's students with the best possible educational experience as well as to promote open communication between the school board, the community, the schools, and students. By being an active participant within the schools and community, she will strive to provide an informative link between the Board of Education and all interested parties. Pam is a homemaker. Her three children graduated from Bloomfield schools. 

James SpelmanJames Spelman
​Vice President
Victor, NY 14564

Email: jspelman@bloomfieldcsd.org
Term Ends: 2019 

As a member of the Bloomfield Board of Education, my primary goal is to support our faculty, staff, and administration in continuing to provide our community's youth with an excellent education.  I will do my part to foster good communication with parents, taxpayers, community groups, and other interested parties.  With rising costs, inequalities in government aid, unfunded mandates, and other fiscal challenges of our time, we need to work together to continue the high standards that Bloomfield offers our students as we help them prepare for their future.  

Scott Layton
Cheryl Nichols8502 Route 5 & 20
Bloomfield, NY 14469

Email: slayton@bloomfieldcsd.org 
Term Ends: 2021 

I hope to ultimately learn, assist, share, and be part of the district's policy setting team.  I believe my 
life experiences, as both a school administrator and consultant, will help me in this role significantly. I truly believe that Bloomfield CSD is a unique, smaller district, offering its students a well-rounded quality education with many opportunities that other districts its size is unable to provide. My belief and goal is that as a community we should strive to offer the best education possible, while at the lowest cost to the local property taxpayers. Obviously, in today’s state, this is an extremely tough task, but one worth striving for.

Kenneth Mathis
MaryJo Witz
3143 Flatiron Road
Bloomfield, NY 14469

Email: kmathis@bloomfieldcsd.org
Term Ends: 2020 

My priorities as a board member are: in concert with fellow board members, the superintendent, and staff of Bloomfield School, to help maintain and enhance the excellent educational experience offered by the school to the young people of the district, continuing the high degree of fiscal responsibility the board has demonstrated despite constraints placed by government entities.

Tonya McFadden

8307 County Road 40McFadden
Bloomfield, NY 14469 

Email: tmcfadden@bloomfieldcsd.org 
Term Ends: 2022

Mrs. McFadden's goals as a Bloomfield Board of Education member are to learn more about the school district that her children attend, as well as to help make decisions and form policies to ensure that every child in the district continues to receive the best education possible to prepare them for their future.  She believes that her experiences will allow her to examine issues from the viewpoint of both a parent and an educator, and that she would be an asset to the board.
McFadden, Tonya.JPG
Caroline Nevil Caroline Nevil
2265 County Road 39
Bloomfield, NY 14469

Email: cnevil@bloomfieldcsd.org
Term Ends: 2018 

Being a member of the Board is a tremendous honor and responsibility.  My goal is to use the knowledge and experience I have as an educator to continue to provide the students of Bloomfield with the highest quality education. As a parent and taxpayer, I also want to ensure open lines of communication with the community while practicing fiscal responsibility.  We are fortunate to live in a district with such high education standards and I look forward to working with all parties in furthering Bloomfield’s outstanding commitment to student success.  

Frank Young
Frank Young
PO Box 122
West Bloomfield, NY 14585

Email: fyoung@bloomfieldcsd.org
Term Ends: 2019 

As a lifelong resident and graduate of Bloomfield, I want to see the students of Bloomfield receive the best and highest education that the state can offer, to provide them with an easy transition going from high school to college or the work force.  I want to see our school continue to climb to benefit our youngsters - academically as well as athletically, musically, or whatever clubs they join.