Attendance Guidelines
When a student is expected to be out of school due to illness or other reasons, please notify the nurse's office as soon as possible by calling 657-6121 x2003 (before 10:00am, if possible). Voicemail is available for calls made before or after normal school hours. If I am not made aware of a student's absence, I will attempt to reach a parent/guardian by telephone to make sure that the child is safe and determine reason for absence.

Following all absences and tardiness, a written excuse is required by New York State stating the following information:

Student's name
Date(s) of absence/tardiness
Specific reason for the absence/tardiness
Parent/guardian's signature

The excuse should be given to the nurse or to the student's teacher upon return to school. For your convenience, you may electronically send an excuse by clicking on the link below!

In accordance with Education Law, only the following excuses are considered legal:

Sickness or death in the family
Doctor's appointment
Extreme weather conditions (school will be closed)
Religious observance
Required to be in court

All other excuses are illegal and must be reported. Habitual lateness to school and unexcused lateness will be handled on an individual basis.

If a child should become ill, or is injured at school, every attempt will be made to notify the parent/guardian. If necessary, parents will be asked to pick up the child. If the parent cannot be reached, the child will remain in the Nurse's Office until other arrangements can be made.

It is essential that the school have your current telephone number and where you (or some other designated person) can be reached, in case of an emergency.

If it becomes necessary to pick your child up during the school day, you must sign your child out in the Main Office. You will receive a pass, which is to be given to the school nurse. Your child will then be released to you.

If your child is seen by the nurse during the school for something not considered routine, a "Nurse's Report" form will be sent home with your child.

When your child is late (tardy):

Any student arriving at school after 9:10am must bring a written excuse explaining the reason for being late. A parent/guardian must escort their children into the building and the Main Office to sign them in.