Help Keep the Germs Away!

The most important thing that you can do to keep from getting sick is to wash your hands.   By frequently washing your hands, you wash away germs that you have picked up from other people, or from contaminated surfaces, or from animals and their waste.  One of the most common ways people catch colds and other illnesses is by rubbing their nose or their eyes after their hands have been contaminated with a germ or virus.  You can also spread germs directly to others or onto surfaces that other people touch. And before you know it, everybody around you is getting sick.

  • When should you wash your hands? 

Before, during &after preparing food

Before eating food

After using the restroom

After coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose

After changing diapers

After handling money

After handling trash or taking out garbage

After petting any animal

After work, play and school

After rubbing nose, eyes, mouth

Wash even more when around sick people

When hands are dirty

  • What is the correct way to wash your hands?
  1. First wet your hands and apply liquid or clean bar soap.  (Place the bar soap on a rack and allow it to drain.)
  2. Next rub your hands vigorously together and scrub all skin surfaces including between your fingers, backs of your hands, wrists and under your fingernails.
  3. Continue washing for 10-15 seconds or about the time that it takes to sing 2 verses of "Happy Birthday". 
  4. Rinse well and dry your hands thoroughly using a paper towel.
  5. Turn off the water with your paper towel, open the door (using the paper towel in your hand), then throw away the paper towel.
  • Instant Hand Sanitizers:

When hand washing facilities are not available,  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.  Use as follows:

  1. Apply to palm of hand (follow directions on bottle of sanitizer).
  2. Rub hands together until dry.  Paper towels are not needed. 
    • Be sure to cover all surfaces of hands, including between fingers, fingertips, and wrists

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Remember, Wash Your Hands Frequently

You and Your Family will be Happier and Healthier!