Secondhand Tobacco Smoke and the Health of your Family

"The developing lungs of young children are severely affected by exposure to secondhand smoke for several reasons including that children are still developing physically, have higher breathing rates than adults, and have little control over their indoor environments. Children receiving high doses of secondhand smoke, such as those with smoking mothers, run the greatest risk of damaging health effects.

Join the millions of people who are protecting their children from secondhand smoke

You can become a child's hero by keeping a smoke-free home and car. Secondhand smoke can cause children to suffer bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infections and more severe asthma attacks.

Pledge to Keep Your Home and Car Smoke-free:

Go to the Pledge Page and read helpful information on making your home and car smoke-free.  You can get your own Smoke-free Home Pledge Certificate by clicking on the "I Want to Pledge" button.  Proudly display this to let your children, family and visitors know you have taken an important step to keep your home and car smoke-free."