Primary Sources


Rochester Regional Historical Newspapers 

American Historical Newspapers 1836-1922

Historical Newspapers compiled by U Penn, organized by state


Library of Congress Chronicling America

American History

American Memory Timeline - US history 1783-1968, from the Library of Congress. 

Digital Classroom
Materials from the National Archives and Records Administration 

Documenting the American South
 - cultural history from the viewpoint of Southerners.

Our Documents - Milestone documents of US history from the National Archives. 

Salem Witch Trials Court records, books, maps, images, etc., relating to the trials of 1692.

Social Explorer
 - Data from the US Census 

Virtual Library 
U.S. Historical docs and info sorted by time periods, compiled by the European University Institute

World History 

From the Avalon Project - Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy from Yale Law School Lillian Goldman Law Library

From Forham University

WWI film archives A virtual exhibition by European film archives

Time Magazine - archived articles about historic individuals and events 

BBC provides biographical info and links to documents and videos

OldMapsOnline - zoom in and search thousands of ancient maps from around the world. 

MIT's Visualizing Cultures - explore documents and images to get a better understanding of world history and culture

Historical Voices - Speeches and spoken word collections spanning the 20th century.

EuroDocs provides links to thousands of primary sources from Europe

Foreign Relations of the US - de-classified government documents

Digital Images -

New York Public Library - Thousands of primary source images, with citations

Digital Public Library of America - limit your search by time period, topic and type of primary source. Excellent for photos.

Getty Images - Contemporary images by professional photographers.  Float your cursor over the pictures. If you see an embed icon under the image (     ) , click on the icon.  Select preview image, and then copy or save it.