Past Career Quests

Grant written Fall 2008 programs began Jan 2009


  • MS Skills Competition various careers
  • Commodore Visit (HS Only)
  • Ag Tech Career Day (HS Only)
  • Evan Dawson, TV Anchor
  • Andy Reddout, Graphic Designer/Art Director
  • Matt Cipro Sports Marketing
  • Seneca Park Zoo Vet; Nutritionist, Marketing, Trainer/Zoo Keeper
  • Culinary Center, Ag tech, Travel and Tourism, Chef
  • Red Wings Sports Day, Sports Marketing, Management, Sports Adm, Umpping, Chiropractics, Trainer
  • Deb Combs Physical Therapy
  • Bloomfield Ambulance, EMT, Firefighter


    • Muller Station Field Trip, Conservation, Biology, Science Research, Environmental Studies
    • Wayne Barker, Music Composition, Drama, Acting
    • Officer Metlicki, NYS Police Law Enforcement
    • Chris Manly, College Athlete
    • Julie Jugle, Small Business Owner
    • GW Lisk, Manufacturing Field Trip, Engineering, Technology, Machinist
    • Strong Hospital Field Trip, Medical Careers, Radiology, nursing, lab tech
    • Navy Careers
    • Airport Field Trip, Pilot, traffic controller, emergency medical/law
    • MS Skills Competition
    • Finger Lakes Works
    • RIT Biomedical Science Career Day (HS Only)


    • Chiropractic College Field Trip
    • Finger Lakes Works
    • Keuka College Field Trip-Administration; Financial Aid; Education; Business; Athletic/coaching
    • Nutritionist
    • Lawyer
    • Geva Theater Field Trip grades 10-12
    • MS Skills Competition
    • Red Wings Sports Day, Sports Marketing, Management, Sports Adm, Umpping, Chiropractics, Trainer
    • Charles Benoit, Author
    • Tina Jackson Banking and Finance



    • EMT/Firefighter
    • Finger Lakes Works
    • MS Skills
    • Pharmacists/Pharmacists Tech
    • Entrepreneur, business owner, hotel tourism
    • Business; Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales; Medical Technology
    • Engineering/Manufacturing/International Business (Gorbel)
    • Police
    • Science Exploration Field Trip St John Fisher
    • Chiropractic College Field Trip


    • RIT Field Trip—Video Animation
    • Social Worker, Natalia Lopuchowycz
    • Finger Lakes Works
    • Strong Memorial Hospital Field Trip: Physician; OT; Radiologist; Nursing
    • Gorbel Field Trip Manufacturing and Engineering
    • Advanced Manufacturing Careers/Workforce NY William Rotenberg
    • Frontier Field Careers in Sports
    • Financial Planner
    • Science Exploration Day at SJF College


    • Funeral Director
    • Veternarian
    • Finger Lakes Works with Your Hands
    • Engineering
    • DEC Officers
    • College visit: Alfred State
    • Wegmans Field Trip: culinary, event planning, human resources, pharmacist