Advice to an IB Diploma Candidate

Attend Class Every Day
Classes are more demanding and challenging than regular classes
Teachers cover material faster and it is harder to make up material
We understand if you must miss a class, please talk to your teacher to get make-up material
Be Prepared
Always have your notebook, textbook, pens/pencils, and materials in class every day
Do all of the assignments - summer, homework, classwork, and projects
Once you fall behind, it will be that much harder to catch up
Ask Questions
One of the most important characteristics of the IB program is that the student is in charge of their learning
Teachers are only the facilitators, not the sole dispensers of knowledge
Form Study Groups with your friends
Learning with friends sometimes offers different insights/views to a topic and may help you understand it better!
Keep an Up-to-Date Calendar
Being an IB Diploma Candidate requires organization and time management
Use your Bloomfield Agenda" Book
Keep track of deadlines, assignments, and due dates
Review your notes
Always review your notes before class, before tests, before quizzes
IB students are notorious for not sleeping, but sleep is important! IB students do not function well if they do not have enough sleep. Make sure to get enough sleep before school, tests, and IB Exams.
Exercise! Activities!
IB students are filled with a lot of stress and hard work. Exercise and activities will help alleviate the stress. It is important to have outlets - a team sport, an activity, a community organization, etc. Stress also causes a student to not sleep!

· Should I work during the school year or not?

o Remember being a student is a full time job. The academic work that is expected is rigorous and if you must work it is advised to have flexible and limited hours.

· Make Time for Fun!!
The courses are difficult, challenging, and rigorous. If the student maintains, the courses will yield great rewards. However, there is more to life than IB. You will burn out before you finish. Balance IB, activities, and life.