Welcome to Chemistry!

Stop up for chemistry help, Thursday and Friday
ALSO review session Monday June 10:00 am

On this page there are links to some very helpful chemistry web sites. I strongly suggest that you browse the sites. Preparation will help you be successful. Please see me for extra help. 

Helpful review websites: 
Glossary - type the term you are looking for into the search bar.  This can be a VERY helpful sites.

Naming Organic Compounds

Go to alkanes and alkenes pages


Dynamic Periodic Table



Review materials
Surviving Chemistry- One concept at a time review book
Prentice Hall Chemistry Review book 

Grading-Student's grades will be based on points earned divided by total possible points. Points earned will be earned on participation, homework, in class assignment, labs, tests and quizzes.  The midterm in January will be worth 5% of the overall grade.  The Regents final will be 15% of the overall grade.  
Late work -  class assignments turned in one day late will receive half credit.  No credit will be given to work later than one day. 
Make-up Work- a student will be given as many days as they are absent to make up missed homework, labs, quizzes, and tests. 

Student Responsibilities
a) Work Safely in lab, be polite, help others
b) Come to class prepared with all materials and complete homework
c) Be an active participant in class and work cooperatively with others when asked to do so
d) Complete all lab work when assigned and schedule time to make up missed lab work. 
e)  Any missed handouts will be store in a designated folder for the week.  It is the responsibility of the student to complete missed assignments, lab activities, quizzes, and tests.
f) Seek out extra help when needed.  I will be available 12th period for help. 

We will have test approximately every two weeks covering one chapter. During the two weeks there will be graded homework, quizzes, and labs to complete.  The tests will contain Regents questions to help prepare for the Regents examination in June.