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Unit 1 A Healthy Foundation Page  Page 4

The Longevity Game 
Life Expectancy

Unit 2 Mental and Emotional Health page 64
Unit 3 Healthy and Safe Relationships  page 140
Unit 4 Nutrition and Physical Fitness  page 252
Unit 5 Personal Care and Body Systems  Page 354
Unit 6  Growth and Development Page 468
Unit 7 Drugs Page 522
Unit 8 Diseases and Disorders  Page 626
Unit 9 Safety Page 724


Mental Health 
JAMA Suicide Site  JAMA Page
Talking about suicide    Teen Health
Statistics  Mental Illness National Institute of Mental Health
Living with anxiety  Anxiety disorders brochures

Types of Mental Illness  WebMD summary

Depression  WebMD
Schizophrenia- WebMD

Know about drugs  Teen Health
Truth about Marijuana  Videos
Prescription drugs  CBS news
Alcohol Facts

Drinking and Driving Laws  DMV DWI brochure
Alcohol fact sheets  CDC

Tobacco free kids  Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
CDC tobacco 
Effects of tobacco  Smokeless tobacco effects

Calories per day calculator
BMI Chart
Calorie Counter  Calories to maintain weight
Fit o Meter  Over 600 activities
Exercises  Exercise work out guide 

Choose My Plate
http://walking.about.com/cs/calories/l/blcalcalc.htm  calories we need to consume   
Food Calorie Counter  WebMD food-o-meter calories
Food Counter  Desserts - Another food calorie calculator - calories, carbs, fat, fiber
Calorie Counter  Another food label calculator
McDonald's menu nutrition
My Plate Drawing
Lets Eat for the Health of it   My Plate Brochure

What is HIV?  CDC HIV Basics   http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/basics/whatishiv.html
STDs  CDC Factsheets

Baby Cost Calculator


Club drugs  Tips for Teens brochure
Cocaine  Tips for Teens brochure
Heroin  Tips for Teens brochure
Marijuana  Tips for Teens brochure
Inhalants  Tips for Teens brochure
Meth  Tips for Teens brochure
Marijuana  Tips for Teens brochure
Steroids  Tips for Teens brochure
Hallucinogens  Tips for Teens brochure
HIV Tips for Teens brochure
Underage drinking myth vs fact  SAMHSA