PE212 Health
FLCC Gemini course- Handbook   Gemini student guide

Health course PE212 is a 3 credit course. The credits can be transferred to other colleges/ universities. 

NYS mandated reporter self-directed training registration
You will register on this page. Just type 585-657-6121 for the phone number and  "Child care" for discipline. 
You will receive an email with training confirmation and a password. Open the email and click on the link to get started. The training is 2 hours so it will take several classes to finish. Please pay attention and move along to finish on time.  

When you finish the required mandated reporter training read the summary of our training at:



Underage drinking brain development
dmv link
driving penalities
Know about drugs  Teen Health
Truth about Marijuana  Foundation for Drug Free World
Affects of caffeine on the brain  How drugs affect neurotransmitters
Drugs - Indiana Resource Center
Drug abuse  National Institute on Drug Abuse

Mental Health 
JAMA pdf  Suicide
Suicide prevention sheet
NIMH  Summary of mental illnesses

Depression Handout
APA depression 
Recovering from Depression
Supporting a family member


STDs- CDC Fact sheets
CDC- HIV   see HIV Basics link

Fitness and Nutrition 
BMI Chart
Calorie Counter
Fit o Meter  WebMD calories burned
Exercises  Work out guide
Fitness Testing

Choose My Plate    Calories we need to consume
Food Calorie Counter  WebMD food-o-meter calories
Food Counter  Desserts - Another food calorie calculator - calories, carbs, fat, fiber
Calorie Counter  Another food label calculator
McDonald's menu nutrition
My Plate Drawing
Lets Eat for the Health of it   My Plate Brochure